Top 10 Tough Interview Questions

By | December 14, 2016

Interview questions are challenging indeed, and when there are a number of competitors around, you find it difficult to make your way into the final position. Well, companies frame tough interview question to test your meticulous nature, power of reasoning and aptitudes. They filter the candidates after conceptualising about their professional attributes based on these answers. Here are some of the toughest yet common questions that companies ask the interviewees. The answers are also presented along with the questions. You may also see Common Job Interview Questions.

Tough Interview Questions

1. Tell me about yourself

This question is asked by the interviewers to understand your inclination towards your profession. You need to focus on your professional life rather than the personal life while answering the question. Most of the people state their address, family background and so on, but it is the experience and compatibility work conditions that you need to focus on. you can also see Behavioral Interview Questions for Managers.

2. Why should I hire you?

This is another diplomatic question that you may face from the recruiters. They need to know your lookout towards the profession. Be bold to mention your benchmarks and focus on the points where you can beat your competitors. State that you are passionate towards your profession and will be devoted to work once you are selected.

3. What are your objectives in the long run?

The recruiters project this question to observe your potentialities and mindset when you join a new company. When you answer the question, make sure that you analyse your possible contribution to the growth of the company. Tell the recruiters that you want to see the company in a higher status in a decade or so. you may also see Time Management Interview Questions.

4. How is your education related to your career?

The employers place this question to understand if you really apply the practical aspects of your knowledge in your profession. You need to answer the question by stating that you focus more on the practical application of the curriculum rather than theories. This will make you more compatible to the job.

5. Do you consider yourself to be a team player?

Although this seems to be a yes or no type question, companies seek an explanation from you. The main focus of a company lies in hiring candidates who are good at teamwork. Mention your behavioural traits while answering this question, along with instances from previous experience on how you helped the company to achieve its goals through cooperation among colleagues.

6. Did you face any conflict with your seniors?

This is an obvious question framed by the HR department of the companies, targeting your temperament and personality. If you answer in negative, you are likely to face more questions. A simple way to answer the question is to state that you faced a problem with collaboration, but you resolved it by adapting to the situation. you can also see IT Manager Interview Questions.

7. Tell me about your weaknesses.

This is yet again an easy yet diplomatic question. It is framed to test your honesty and power of self-realisation. Be honest with your answer, and also explain how you are trying to get rid of the weakness. It is recommended to avoid answers stating that you work too long and so on.

8. What would your previous boss tell about you if I ask him or her about you as a professional?

This question targets to check a reference. You need to inform your previous recruiter about the fact, and verify if he is in a mood to answer in affirmative. If yes, you can tell your recruiter that he would say that you are quite professional energetic and dedicated towards work. You may also see Program Manager Interview Questions.

9. What are the qualities that a person at your post should possess?

The recruiters ask this questions to the interviewees to get an idea about what they feel about themselves as employees. You need to consider the work as a target, and analyse your abilities to perform it with adroitness. You can mention all your qualities, stating that those are the ideal ones required for the profession.

10. What would you do if you got another chance to live your life?

This question aims to assess your outlook towards the profession. You need to mention a turning point of your life. For instance, you can state that a particular internship changed your career and you hope to live another life and get it earlier to prosper in your career at an earlier age. you can also see Interview Practice Questions.