Qualitative Research Questions

By | December 1, 2016

The quality of goods or services offered by a company determines its ability to retain its customers. The customers of a company look out for the perfect equilibrium between the qualitative aspects and affordability. Quality of the products and services often turn out to be the hallmark. A company needs to produce the best possible quality of products at a given price to retain its stronghold over the customers. Here are ten commonly asked qualitative research questions by companies to their customers, and their probable answers. You may also see Types of Research Questions.


1. What are your parameters while assessing the quality of our products?

This is an obvious question that the companies ask to its customers. The purpose is to know the basis on which their products are rated. You need to have a good understanding of the product before you can answer this question. Take into accounts different attributes and benefits that you expect from the product.

2. Why do you consider the above-mentioned aspects as the ideal parameters?

Companies commonly ask this question as they need to know the expectations of the customers, based on certain parameters. You can mention the reasons why you consider these to be the ideal parameter, based on what you expect from the company and its products. Each parameter has to be unique in determining the quality of the products.

3. Are you satisfied by the quality of goods or services we produce?

Most importantly, this question is asked to get a direct yes or no answer from the customers. A company seeks the best way to cater to the needs of their customers. You need to be honest when you respond to the question, stating the reason of your satisfaction or discontentment along with the answer. You can also see Research Questions In Healthcare.

4. Do you consider the price to be appropriate with the available quality of products?

The companies try to keep the prices low in order to lure customers. This does not necessarily mean that they compromise the quality of the goods and services. When you are asked to comment on the price, explain why you feel the price to be appropriate or not. The better the quality, the higher the price is likely to be.

5. What are your recommendations regarding the quality of our products?

Most companies try to improve the qualitative aspects of their company based on the recommendations made by customers. So, you can share your views with regard to the qualitative aspects of the company. Mention the areas where improvement still has a scope. You can put forward your own suggestions for improvement.

6. Would you continue to purchase our goods and services if we provide the same quality of goods at a higher price?

Since making profit is the end goal of any company, they prefer to hike the price, provided it does not affect the sales. This is a diplomatic way to assess the purchasing power of the customers. You should consider the benefits that you gain from the products of the company and state a price that you are comfortable with.

7. How would you rate us with the given quality of products?

Rating is necessary to assess the qualitative aspects of the goods or services. Although you state that you are satisfied with the products, you need to rate it with respect to certain parameters to express your degree of contentment. You can use your own scale to rate the products of the company. You may also see Market Research Questions.

8. How do you benefit from the quality of goods we provide? 

This question is targeted to the customers to analyse the overall benefits that they gain from the products. Each section of the customers may benefit in a different manner from the services and products of a company. You can state the reasons why you avail the commodities from that company when you answer this question.

9. Would you try out other brands if they provide the same quality of goods?

This is another diplomatic question framed by the marketing department of a company to know the level of brand loyalty. If you are a loyal customer, you can state that even if there are other companies offering the same grade of products, you will remain a permanent customer of the previous company. however, if you find other products of the same quality to be cheaper, you may switch brands. You can also see Nursing Interview Questions.

10. Comment on your first experience that made you a trusted customer of our brand with reference to qualitative aspects.

This is a basic question framed by a company to know the personal experience of the customers that build a client base. Be frank with your response and focus on the attributes of the company that made you consider to be the ideal product for you. You need to focus on the USP of the company.