10 Sample Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

By | December 5, 2016

Customers are one of the greatest assets for any industry. Be it the production sector, the manufacturing sector or the service sector, the authorities need to keep a track of the satisfaction level of your customers. From time to time, questioners are given to the customers to note their feedback and work on the shortcomings for better service to your customers. Customers need to be honest while answering these questions, based on their experience. Here are ten common customer satisfaction survey questions and their probable answers. You may also see Survey Questions for College Students.


1. For how long have you been using the product or service?

This question is asked by the company to the clients in order to understand the stability of the business. Old customers grow a sort of brand loyalty and hence, are likely to continue purchasing the products, unless there is a major reason of discontentment. You can answer this question by stating the number of years you have been in touch with the products of the company. You can also see Restaurant Survey Questions.

2. Which of the services or products do you use the most and why?

The reason why the companies ask this question is that, they need to know the trends of customers’ taste. You may answer this question by being honest about your choice. A suitable explanation is needed for the choice you make. You can focus on the features of the product while justifying your answer.

3. How would you rate the level of satisfaction from us?

This is the most important question that a company asks to its customers. It needs to know the level of satisfaction the customers are deriving from its services and products. While answering the question, you can use certain parameters as the rating scale. Focus on the benefits, pricing and other factors when you rate the product. You may also see Teacher Survey Questions.

4. What makes us different from generic brands?

Every company has a USP to lure potential buyers. This question is framed to know if the customers have actually realised the USP of the company. You can answer the question by stating that you were looking out for a particular attribute and you have found it in the products of the company.

5. How frequently do you avail our products?

This question is asked in order to get an idea about the marketing trends of the company. The more frequently the commodities are purchased, the greater will be the company’s profit. You can state your answer according to your purchasing traits, adding that you may purchase it more frequently if it has a certain feature. You can also see Top Survey Questions for Students.

6. Would you recommend our product to someone?

Since recommending a product works as good as advertisement, companies are keen in knowing if the customers would recommend a friend or acquaintance to purchase the product. Be honest while answering the question and state the reason too, for which you would recommend others to use the product. Mention how many people you would recommend too.

7. Would you continue availing our products?

This question is thrown to the customers to know their intentions in being in touch with the company. especially, if a company launches a new product, this question finds its way into the questionnaire. You should answer the question in a diplomatic manner, stating that you will continue to be a customer as long as you are contended with the services, products and price-compatibility. You may also see Types of Survey Questions.

8. What are your recommendations for improvement?

Different companies strive to improve their respective commodities based on the feedback of the customers, so this is an obvious question to the customers. You need to focus on the drawbacks of the company while answering this question. Include the qualitative quantitative and pricing factors of the goods and services when you answer it.

9. Are you contended with our customer support facility?

Most of the companies have their customer support facility. In order to understand the effectiveness of this facility, companies frame this question before the customers. You can state your answer in affirmative or negative, adding your experience on different related aspects like waiting time, efficiency of the customer care personnel in helping you and so on. You can also see Training Survey Questions.

10. Are you comfortable with the charges?

This is a common question that ever company asks to its customers. The pricing needs to be competitive as well as within the reach of the target customers. While answering it, compare the quality of the product or services and conclude if the pricing is reasonable or not. If not, also recommend the price that you feel to be affordable.