10 Sample Common Job Interview Questions

By | December 7, 2016

When you appear for an interview for professional purpose, some simple questions may appear to be too challenging. Interviewers ask these questions to get an idea about your outlook towards the profession and if you are capable of acquiring the positions. You need to know some of the most common questions asked in job interviews and be well-versed with the answers. Here are ten such commonly asked job interviews and the response that you should make. You may also see Employer Interview Questions.

Common job interview questions

1. What can you tell about yourself as a professional?

This questions is framed not to know the entire work history of a person. Companies need to know what you can do for them. So, you need to filter you work experience and mention the abilities that are relevant to the profession. In this manner, you can justify your reason for applying for the job.

2. Briefly list up your strengths.

Coming to the strengths, the companies want to know the unique abilities that dwell exclusively inside you. It is needless to use generic abilities like ‘hard-working person’ and ‘careful’ as your adjectives. You need to focus on your unique qualities that differentiate you from the others. This helps an employee to cement the position. You can also see Typical Interview Questions.

3. Can you mention three of your weaknesses?

This is a self-evaluation kind of question that the companies ask to the interviewees in order to know whether they have the willingness to improve. Well, you must know that even identifying your weakness is considered to be strength. You need to focus on the areas where you still have scope of improvement.

4. Are you ready to shoulder these responsibilities?

This question is framed to know the extent of willingness of the employee to learn. The obvious answer for this question, for most of the employees is ‘yes’, but if you are not able to justify your answer, you will be rejected. You must be honest that you know the work but are still interested in learning. you may also see Informational Interview Questions.

5. Where do you want to find your profile after five years?

This is a testing question for your determination and ambition, as the higher post you mention, the greater passion to work it will expose. Begin your answer with your willingness to stick to the company through the thick and thin. Conclude with an ambitious note about what you can do for them and where you would land yourself in five years.

6. What makes you apply for the job here?

This question is framed to know about your impression about the company. The recruiters need to know why you applied for the job in that particular company and why not in other generic companies. You must focus on the professional background of the company and highlight its positive aspects like work ambience, company prospects and so on. You can also see Interview Practice Questions.

7. How much salary do you expect?

The recruiters frame this question to assess your expectations when you join the company. Although this question may appear to be quite troublesome to you, you need to open up your mind and speak about your expectations. You can justify your answer by focussing on your benchmarks and strengths, concluding that you will be diligent to the profession.

8. What are the things that motivates you?

Although it is a purely personal question, the hiring professionals of a company ask this question as your motivation leads to the benefit of the company. You need not lie to the question, and answer honestly about your perspectives towards the work, the sources of motivation and related aspects about your mindset. You may also see Interview Questions for Managers.

9. What mare your abilities as a team player?

Teamwork is crucial for most of the industries, so this is an obvious question in most of the job interviews. You should concentrate on the abilities that help the company to bridge gnawing gaps in its professional circuit. You can mention that you are compatible with any given work situation and can mould yourself according to the ambience.

10. Would you like to ask anything to me?

The aim of this question is to analyse your depth about the profession. You can ask something on the future prospects of the company, so that the interviewee can comprehend your interest in the profession. You can also question about some of the common problems faced by the company and express your concern. You can also see Behavior Based Interview Questions.