Common Internship Interview Questions

By | September 16, 2016

An internship interview is conducted to test the knowledge of a particular candidate with respect to the job profile for which he/she applies. Securing your seat for a specific job profile requires a thorough preparation. This can range from what you desire to what the company expects from you in the long run. So here is an elaborate list of questionnaire that will effectively help you out while preparing for an internship interview. You may also see Behavior Based Interview Questions


1. Get me to explore your resume?

Here the basic purpose is to check how much a candidate is acquainted with himself inside out. This is one of the primary opportunities where you can discuss about your academic knowledge, professional experience, technical know-how and lots more. Answer this question with confidence and honesty and mainly focus on what you have achieved till now and what you aspire to achieve in future. The hiring manager is interested to know how you estimate yourself in your own eyes.

2. Why do you want to do an internship in our company?

Answer this particular question by discussing about the heights that the company has already attained along with the future targets that it is aspires to reach. This makes the hiring manager keen to know how the company’s profile has indeed attracted the candidate and how a particular candidate can help out the company in moving towards their future goals. Such a response can very well impress your employer as well as increase your chances of selection. You may also see Behavioral Interview Questions

3. What is your goal with this internship?

In order to respond to the above question, frame your answer in such a way that can undoubtedly reflect your interest in the particular job profile. In addition to this, you can also talk about what are the current goals that the company has and how your knowledge can act as a catalyst in achieving those goals. Furthermore, you can also elaborate on the growth opportunities that you can visualize for yourself by doing an internship with this company.

4. Why should we hire you?

Answer the above question with respect to how the knowledge that you have can be extremely advantageous to the company in the long run. Also discuss about your skills and competence that the company requires the most. This can be in the form of technical know-how or the management projects that you can handle. All this will definitely give you an edge over other candidates and hike up your chances of getting selected.

5. Who is the most important person for you?

This is a rare yet an important question that a candidate might face during an internship interview. The hiring manager puts up such a question only to check the values practiced by a candidate. Therefore, you should be extremely careful while responding to it. Try to name that particular person for whom you have the maximum number of reasons to give significance. The reasons should be both appropriate and reliable. Also try to figure out the positive points that you feel about that person and how he/she has helped you to reach here where you are today. Useful Employer Interview Questions

6. Tell me about a situation when you got in conflict with your teacher?

Yet another important question asked in such an interview, be brief in your answer and focus on the particular conflict supported by its origin and reasons. Never showcase your teacher in a negative light but just talk about the double consciousness of the conflict. In addition, you can also talk about how it got solved and peace was restored. This can hint your employer about how efficient you are at solving problems and exercising your own specific viewpoint.

7. Tell me about a project you were most proud of?

The purpose of this particular question is to check how ambitious you are and how much you love your work. Here you can recall one of your most ambitious projects, how you succeeded in completing it and how you were appreciated by your mentor subsequently. This can include tough working conditions, competition with peers, deadline submissions etc. The hiring manager perhaps can be impressed with your style of working and inturn select you as an intern for his company.

8. What do you expect this position to be like?

Here the employer wishes to know how well versed are you with the particular job profile. For this, have a hang of the pre-requisite knowledge about the job, what they demand and what they expect. You can get a gist of this by reading the profile page of the company, what skills and competence they require in the candidate and how he/she can benefit their organization. Try to frame your answer with respect to all this hopefully you will crack the nut in no time.

9. What are some trends that have occurred in this industry in the past few years?

In order to answer this question, be thorough with the particular field in which you are seeking for internship. Have a past knowledge of what is going on in the market and what needs to be done in order to improve it in future. This can only be possible if you an excellent analyzing and applicatory skills. Make efficient use of them and frame your answer with respect to this. Helpful Interview Questions for Teachers

10. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

This is yet again one of the frequently asked questions in an internship interview. Here the candidate should discuss the various opportunities for growth and development that the organization can provide him in the long run. You can also elaborate on your expectations from the company along with your particular skills that can indeed make the company touch the sky. Be firm in your answer and talk about how your aspirations are in direct proportion to that of the company.