10 Sample College Essay Questions

By | December 12, 2016

College essay questions are mostly analytical and interpretative, and aim to understand the depth and skills of the students. If you are planning to apply for admission at a college, it is wise to study some of the common essays that appear in the examinations. These will help you to accept the challenges with ease and shoulder the pressure without buckling down. Here are ten of the most common yet challenging college essay questions and a guide to the likely answers. you may also see SAT Essay Questions.

College essay questions

1. Describe the person whom you admire the most

This essay reflects your personal background and should be answered in such a way that your present status must be involved in it. You need not write the names of noble personalities and freedom fighters. Rather, focus on a person who helped you to mould your academic career or inspired you to go for a particular profession.

2. Why do you want to join this college?

This question is framed to know if you are really aware of the background of the college or not. You must do some homework before appearing for the examination. Go through the website of the college and find its uniqueness. Now blend your answer with your personal viewpoints and the literary or other heritage of the college.

3. Which book do you love the best?

Students commonly face this question in admission examinations and write a detailed summary about their favourite novel. However, that is not supposed to be the right answer. Mention the name of a book that really inspired you in your life. Even if it is not your favourite, it is better to write about passion rather than drab folklores.

4. What extracurricular activities would impress you?

This is not a question for physical fitness, rather it is a question that tests your mental agility. Students generally answer this question with their favourite sport, but that is just not done. You need to brainstorm your ideas and find out an activity that you do, and it should be challenging enough to be considered as an achievement.

5. What do you consider to be the most harmful social problem?

This question expects answers that analyses your insight into the society. Responsible citizens can answer the question logically. You need to focus on some of the less-discusses problems of the society that has an impact on its people. It is an analysis of your own viewpoints rather than what people think about the society.

6. Discuss an attribute that distinguishes you from the rest.

This is a testing question that wants to know what you feel about yourself. You an open up about your benchmarks, achievements, strengths and insight into life. You can start off with a brief family background and move on to what made you distinguished. You can site instances from your life and answer the question.

7. What are the most important achievements in your life?

The authorities frame this question to assess whether you capitalise on your achievements in future or keep them aside like a precious stone. Well, you can mention the achievements that are related to your career. You need to justify the relevance of those achievements with your future goals and write how about your plans to yield optimum benefits from your achievements.

8. Discuss your leadership abilities in school

Leadership qualities are quite relevant in the professional world today, so colleges ask this question to the students to filter only the passionate people. You need to start off with your role as a group or house leader and then move on to broader aspects like captaining a school team and so on. Try not to present yourself to be too dominating, but understanding.

9. Which is the greatest threat to the environment?

This is somewhat of a general question that tests your environmental knowledge. Avoid using generic introductions with global warming and pollution as the culprits. Focus on the negligence of people, which lies at the root of all environmental problems. You can use relevant statistics to answer the questions and site quotations from contemporary environmentalists.

10. What is the most controversial problem on college campuses?

This question is framed to know the mindset of the students about colleges. However, you need to know the problem of the particular college you are willing to join. Keep yourself updated with recent issues related to the college and site solutions based on your interpretations. This will definitely enhance your reputation from the outset.