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Qualitative Research Questions

The quality of goods or services offered by a company determines its ability to retain its customers. The customers of a company look out for the perfect equilibrium between the qualitative aspects and affordability. Quality of the products and services often turn out to be the hallmark. A company needs to produce the best possible… Read More »

Top 10 Sample Research Questions In Healthcare

Bagging a job in the healthcare industry can be an uphill task. The healthcare field is a highly competitive one with countless number of people competing to get a good position in a healthcare firm. There are certain typical questions asked by every interviewer when interviewing a potential candidate. Here’s a list of questions you… Read More »

Top 10 Sample Market Research Questions

Market research questions help in providing insights into the market trends and take appropriate measures to combat the weak areas. They help to know more about the competitor’s strategies and various marketing techniques. They help one to get guidance before proceeding to apply the strategies and methodologies for any product or service. You may also… Read More »

Top 3 Types of Research Questions

A research question forms the basic and core unit of a research project, review of literature and study. These questions help in focusing the study and Competitive Exams, deciding the methodology and also play a vital role in inquiry, reporting and analysis stages of a research. The first active step in a research is the… Read More »