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Top 10 Sales Aptitude Test Questions

Questions in a Sales Aptitude test are developed to assess behavioral and personality characteristics which have been shown to be important to success in Sales occupations. Candidates aiming for a career in sales need to be confident and have persuasion skills. It is important to be prepared to respond effectively in such tests or interviews.… Read More »

Top 10 Quantitative Aptitude Test Questions

Quantitative aptitude tests are done to judge a candidate’s numerical, arithmetic and algebraic abilities. Entrance exams done for admission in universities and colleges and other important professions hold such tests. Many companies use quantitative aptitude tests to sort candidates for selection. Basic and fundamental mathematical concepts should be very clear in the mind of a… Read More »

Top 10 Job Aptitude Test Questions

The basic expectation from any new employee is a strong ability to learn and grasp new concept. Job aptitude tests are difficult and sometime intimidating but with the right preparation and reasoning, a candidate can do exceptionally well. Communication skills, problem solving abilities, attention span and observational power will be assessed in such tests. 1)… Read More »

Top 10 Basic Aptitude Test Questions

Employers use aptitude tests to measure the cognitive capacity of a candidate related to the job he is applying for. Therefore, if you are about to encounter such a session, be prepared to face a set of tests that include numerical, verbal and conceptual reasoning questions. Now, the technical aspects would require you to invest… Read More »

Top 10 Sample Mechanical Aptitude Test Questions

For those who are naturally fascinated by bolts, pulleys, gears, knobs, and electrical mazes,Knowledge of mechanics comes as a general aptitude. Even then, it is important to understand the trend of a mechanical aptitude test to get good scores. A nice approach at it would be to examine some of the most common questions which… Read More »

10 Sample Aptitude Questions for Interviews

Aptitude tests are standardized tests designed to determine the candidate’s ability to perform specific tasks, or test his skills and knowledge. An aptitude test is just one part of the psychometric tests conducted by hiring organizations. The goal of these tests is to assess the candidate’s intelligence, judgment and reasoning. These tests are timed, so… Read More »

10 Sample Aptitude Questions for Bank Exams

The Financial sector being a niche industry requires people with a specialized skill or talent. The industry has stopped using run of mill standard aptitude tests, which they felt lacked the specific aspects and criteria’s they required in a candidate. The industry now uses a more focused, and industry norm specific psychometric tests. Pre-interview Preparation… Read More »