Top 10 Tough Interview Questions

Interview questions are challenging indeed, and when there are a number of competitors around, you find it difficult to make your way into the final position. Well, companies frame tough interview question to test your meticulous nature, power of reasoning and aptitudes. They filter the candidates after conceptualising about their professional attributes based on these… Read More »

10 Sample College Essay Questions

College essay questions are mostly analytical and interpretative, and aim to understand the depth and skills of the students. If you are planning to apply for admission at a college, it is wise to study some of the common essays that appear in the examinations. These will help you to accept the challenges with ease… Read More »

10 Sample Common Job Interview Questions

When you appear for an interview for professional purpose, some simple questions may appear to be too challenging. Interviewers ask these questions to get an idea about your outlook towards the profession and if you are capable of acquiring the positions. You need to know some of the most common questions asked in job interviews… Read More »

10 Sample Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

Customers are one of the greatest assets for any industry. Be it the production sector, the manufacturing sector or the service sector, the authorities need to keep a track of the satisfaction level of your customers. From time to time, questioners are given to the customers to note their feedback and work on the shortcomings… Read More »

Qualitative Research Questions

The quality of goods or services offered by a company determines its ability to retain its customers. The customers of a company look out for the perfect equilibrium between the qualitative aspects and affordability. Quality of the products and services often turn out to be the hallmark. A company needs to produce the best possible… Read More »

Common Internship Interview Questions

An internship interview is conducted to test the knowledge of a particular candidate with respect to the job profile for which he/she applies. Securing your seat for a specific job profile requires a thorough preparation. This can range from what you desire to what the company expects from you in the long run. So here… Read More »

Behavioral Interview Questions for Managers

Rather than testing your academic knowledge, the primary purpose of behavioral interview questions is to check the competence and skills required for a specific job profile. They are basically premised on answering through exemplification of behaviors as to how your past will precisely indicate your future. And in the case of managers, such questions re… Read More »

Time Management Interview Questions

Time management interview questions enable the interviewer to know your strategies to manage time with precision to complete the tasks. They help to know about your techniques of task scheduling and planning. They also help to know your methods with regards to multi-tasking and your time management plans for achieving deadlines of a task. You… Read More »

IT Manager Interview Questions

IT manager interview questions are meant to know about the candidate’s expertise in managing entire IT process and business operations for an organization. They help in knowing abilities of the candidate to manage projects, team managers, team leaders, team members and clients. They also help to know about candidate’s interpersonal and communication skills. You may… Read More »

Sample Survey Questions for College Students

Sample survey questions for college students are aimed at getting feedback from the students about the facilities, faculty and atmosphere provided by the college. These questions and answers will help the management and administrators to assess overall situation and improve on the weak areas. They also help to know the students confidence levels and their… Read More »